ZESCO Limited’s Strategic Plan has finally been launched revealing a refreshed core ideology and a $6 billion-dollar projected investment across the utility’s value chain of Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Supply. Managing Director, Eng. Victor B. Mapani cut the ribbon to present the document at an event held on 1 February 2023 at Mulungushi International Conference Center and via the Zoom platform, exclusively reserved for employees. The Managing Director called for a mindset shift and appealed to all employees, being key actors in the plan’s implementation, to embrace the Company’s new core ideology which espoused - Integrity, Teamwork and Innovation among its corporate values. To reorganize and better enable ZESCO transform into a commercially viable business and one of sound reputation, the Corporation has set among its strategic objectives, to enhance operational efficiency; to expand its power generation portfolio; to upgrade transmission infrastructure and reduce transmission losses; to promote trade; and to promote alternative green and renewable energy. “As a Government owned entity, ZESCO’s strategic intents must always align to the shareholder’s broader development objectives, among them the 2019 Energy Policy, the Ministry of Energy strategic plan, and the Eighth (8) National Development Plan, all of which placed a high premium on electricity as an enabler of their actualisation,” he said. The Managing Director said implementation of the strategic plan would culminate into a results-based management practice for the Corporation, thereby promoting performance, which is centered on outputs and outcomes. He stressed that the plan would remain nothing but a wish list if employees, as key actors did not commit to its implementation in line with the Company’s ethos of Efficiency, Effectiveness and Excellence. Presenting the highlights on the projected investments in generation and transmission projects, Director – Power Generation, Mr. Wesley Lwiindi said that ZESCO would, in some instances, take the special purpose vehicle route as a suitable model for major project implementation. Deputy Director – Finance and Treasury, Ms. Inonge Zekko said ZESCO had made strides in improving its financial health, citing among other accomplishments, debt restructuring explaining that the Corporation’s debt was unsustainable and an impediment to its ability to effectively finance its projects and operations. Speaking to the critical need to revamp ZESCO’s fatigued distribution and supply network as a solution to improve customer service delivery, Director – Distribution and Customer Service, Mr. Peter Chamfya explained that short of ensuring that customers had uninterrupted power supply, ZESCO’s reputation as a service provider would remain compromised. He revealed that the Company had commenced the process to introduce an “Enterprise Asset Management Systems”, a tool intended to improve system maintenance and faults resolution coordination. Driving home the importance of the optimal utilisation of the available human capital, Director – Human Capital and Development, Mr. Maxwell Saya assured the employees implementation of a performance-based system was to ensure enhanced productivity. The new ZESCO core ideology was unveiled as follows: Vision “To be an effective provider of reliable and environmentally sustainable electricity services to all our customers by 2031” Mission “To provide efficient, innovative, and excellent electricity services and energy solutions to our local and international customers”. Values • Integrity • Customer centricity • Innovation • Teamwork • Safety and environmental sustainability.