ZESCO Digital Transformation - Four new digital systems launched

ZESCO has set itself on a path to becoming a fully digital utility by 2025. Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology to transform services or businesses, through replacement of non-digital or manual processes with digital processes. It also includes replacement of older digital technology with newer digital technology. Leading the Corporation’s digital transformation journey is the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) department, with whose ingenuity, several home-grown initiatives and systems have been implemented. This development is consistent with the new business ethos that espouse efficiency and effectiveness for service excellence. The home-grown solutions developed by enthusiastic and innovative in-house teams have positively impacted business operations arising from improved efficiency and reduced costs associated with consultancy, support, and maintenance. The recently created systems include: Budget Management System (BMS) The Budget Management System has been developed to automate the budgeting process which has been based on a manual process using excel sheets. The system now allows for the users to submit their budgets using an online process which has a number of advantages including: • Speeding up the budgeting process • Standardizing the process • Centralized reporting and visibility before approvals at different levels are done. • Bringing up budgeting controls and easing the approval process • Minimizes risk of duplications during the budgeting process This system went live on 24 August 2022, and has been deployed for the 2023 budget compilation. System orientation of end users by the Investments and Finance Directorate is underway. Subsistence Management System (SMS) The Subsistence Management System has been developed to manage subsistence processing which was being done through a manual process using physical application forms. Users can now apply for subsistence allowances using the online system and have all the approval done online. The system has the following advantages: • Speedy and efficient processing of subsistence claims, thereby enabling operational efficiency • Effective record management and reporting • Better controls in the processing of subsistence claims • Minimized risk due to potential fraudulent acts associated with manual processing The system went live on 29 August 2022 and a phased roll-out has been planned as follows; • 12 September 2022 – Corporate • 19 September 2022 – Lusaka Division • 26 September 2022 – Company wide Value Business Management System (VBMS) The Value Based Meeting Management is a system designed to run meetings and meeting appointments to replace the eBoard system. The functionalities are the same as those of the eBoard but with improved features that where not possible with eBoard. The key system features and benefits of the VBMS are as follows; • Real-time meeting notification upon setup and members creation. • Meeting scheduling including meeting links into email notification. • Document uploading and listing of the meeting attendants by the meeting secretary. • The creation of more than one company (this means subsidiaries can be added). • As an internally developed system, it helps cut costs associated with the use of a vendor supplied system This system went live on 2 September 2022. The main users are the Procurement Department and the Corporate Leadership Team, including any other users holding high value meetings. Contract Management System (CMS) The Contract Management System is intended to replace the manual process of capturing contracts details into excel documents for purpose of tracking their progression. The system provides an online platform for monitoring contracts, which offers the following system features: • Capturing of tender details • Capturing of contract details • Capturing of contract addendums • Capturing of contract security details • Submission of contract managers’ monthly status report • Automated broadcast of notifications and reminders to Procurement Officers as well as Project Managers, informing them of contract events that are falling due. This system goes live on 29 September 2022. Team ICT is readily available to offer any clarifications and technical assistance, and is reachable on