Customer Care

We have several Customer Service Centres, Pay Points and TPV’s across the nation for your ease of access to the following services; purchase of electricity tokens, processing of your bill or capital contribution payments, processing of your application for power or cessation, processing of requests for power supply variation, change of account details, registering you on our SMS facility and handling of complaints/queries.

# Description
1 ZESCO Customer Service Centers
2 Third Party Vendors

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SMS Service

SMS Power is a two way communication facility between Zesco and its customers through Short Messaging System using the cellular phone. SMS Power is an efficient, cost effective, user- friendly and convenient communication tool. The service is available to all service providers namely Airtel, Zamtel and MTN. Register for the SMS facility to start receiving SMS notifications


My Safety My Responsibility

Electricity is our most useful energy resource, and we depend on it for nearly everything we do. It drives the wheels of the nation’s economy and powers smart technologies that enhance our quality of life. Electricity is a potentially dangerous product when not properly handled. Electrical accidents can cause serious injury and lead to loss of life and property. Therefore one must take precaution when handling electricity to minimize the risk of electrical accidents.

Unsafe Wiring

Poor wiring is a common cause of electrical fires that may result in serious injury, loss of life and property.

  • Use qualified electricians to wire your premises.

  • Use proper and recommended wiring materials; avoid using materials such as telephone cables and plastic paper for insulation.

  • Ensure regular inspection and maintenance of your premises wiring system to check for wear and tear of insulation and make replacement when needed.

  • Switch off appliances during a power outage

  • Acquire and install surge protectors and fuses to protect your electrical appliances and equipment during power surges.

  • Avoid using faulty electrical appliances, sockets and plugs, replace them.

  • Avoid overloading your electricity supply system.

Lack of Fusing

A fuse is a device that can limit the current flowing to any appliance or circuit. For example a fuse designed to carry an electric current of five amps will melt if a current of more than five amps passes through it. When the fuse melts, the circuit is broken.

Home made appliances normally lack the use of a plug with a fuse; instead bare wires are inserted into the socket outlet. If the appliance developed a fault, the user would not be protected from electric shock and electrocution.

Do Not Construct Structures & Undertake Activities Under ZESCO Power lines
  • This could burn and damage the poles and bring down power lines. Report all fallen power lines to ZESCO immediately.

  • Temporarily barricade them to keep away children and protect them from electrocution. Children are usually attracted to fallen or hanging wires and are therefore at high risk.

  • Do not tie laundry lines to electricity poles.

  • If a high loaded vehicle has to cross under the power lines, contact ZESCO so that arrangements could be made to switch off the line to facilitate crossing.

  • Do not cut trees that are under power lines. Inform ZESCO to facilitate the cutting.

Tampering With ZESCO Installations (Theft)

Tampering with installations through acts of vandalism to steal ZESCO equipment such as transformer oil, cables and pylons, support materials, is illegal and unsafe and can cause serious injury or death

Illegal Connections & Extension Of Power Supply (Theft Of Electricity)

Illegal connection and extension of power supply is dangerous and compromises the quality of supply in affected areas. Illegal power connections are unsafe and normally constitute the following:

  • By-passing or interfering with meters to falsify readings

  • Tapping power in neighbouring premises

  • Tapping power directly from overhead distribution power lines

  • Electrifying fences or metal grills without notifying ZESCO

  • Using illegal lines to reconnect power supply

Home Made Electrical Appliances

There are a lot of dangers associated with assembling and using home made electrical appliances. These dangers include electric shock and electrocution normally resulting from poor wiring and lack of fusing. Cookers and water heaters are the most commonly used home made electrical appliances. These are mainly used in boarding schools, colleges and camps.

Poor Wiring

There are laid down standards that should be adhered to when wiring any electrical appliance such as a cooker, but these are not adhered to when assembling home made electrical appliances. The result is exposure to electric shock and electrocution of the user of the appliance even innocent children around the house.

Standby Electricity

Do not leave your television set, DVD player, computer, printer and any other electrical appliance on standby mode, they still use up to 50% off their operation power. Rather switch them off at the power button. Don’t forget to unplug your cell phone charger after your phone has been charged or it will continue to draw power.

Time Of Use Tariff

Irrigation of crops can be done during off peak periods (e.g. 22:00hrs – 05:00hrs) to reduce peak loads. Industrial and Commercial customers are encouraged to take advantage of the Time of Use Tariff effective between 22:00 and 05:00 hours for the following benefits:

  • Discounted rates, hence reduced production costs

  • Minimal disruption of power supply during production

Electric Geyser

It uses up to 39% of your monthly energy usage. Switch it off when not in use to reduce your energy demand. Insulate the geyser and water pipes. Fix all leaking hot water pipes. Switch to a solar geyser, as heating of water is by the Sun for free.


It uses less water compared to- bathing in a tub. Using less hot water means less work for the geyser. Use an aerated shower head as it uses less water.A typical bath uses about 75 litres of hot water, while a 5 minute shower with an energy efficient showerhead uses less than half of that.


Close your refrigerator door quickly to ensure that it doesn’t use extra power to get back to its optimal cooling level. Defrost fridge regularly as ice reduces efficiency and increases running costs.

Keep Warm

Use extra clothes, blankets and hot water bottles to keep warm without using extra heaters.


Replace all your incandescent bulbs with energy saving Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs). Switch off lights in unoccupied rooms. Switch off security lights early in the morning and switch them on only at night. Use motion detectors or timers for outdoor security lighting.

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