ZESCO has commenced the updating of prepaid meter on 30th April, 2023, in order for the meters to continue accepting new tokens. Therefore, all customers will be required to update their prepaid meters by November 24th, 2024. This update is being conducted in a phased manner from one area to another as guided by ZESCO. When your area is due for update, you will receive 3 tokens when you purchase your units. Therefore, customers are urged to enter token in the order that they appear when units are bought. Customer who will have challenges entering these tokens can contact the call center by calling, +260211363636 or 322

Prepayment meter software will expire in November 2024. This will affect all ZESCO pre-payment meters in Zambia. Prepaid meter software must be updated, or you will not be able to recharge your meter and you will not be able to access power supply when you run out of units. This is because all tokens recharged on a meter whose software will not be updated will be rejected after November 2024.

The update of software on Prepaid Meters will be done in a phased manner across the county to ensure all meters are attended to ahead of the deadline. Only when an area targeted for meter software update, as per schedule provided by Zesco, will meters in that area be updated. Customers whose areas have not been targeted yet as per schedule will not be in position to update their meters.

All prepaid electricity meters in Zambia

All prepaid meters MUST be updated before November 2024. Customers should ensure that they update prepaid meter software when their area is targeted.

No, prepaid meters are being updated in accordance with a schedule. Only when an area is targeted as per schedule will Key Change Tokens (KCTs) be issued when buying electricity units. Key Change Tokens will not be issued to customers in areas not targeted in a particular period.

Customers will update meters from the comfort of their homes. When a customer in a targeted area purchases electricity units of any value, they will receive 3 tokens. The first two tokens known as Key Change tokens are to be entered first. The second Key Change Token must be entered within 40 seconds of the first one being entered. Thereafter, you can proceed to enter the third token, which carries the credit value for the amount you bought electricity units.
Follow these easy steps to enter update your meter software WHEN your area is scheduled for the update.
  1. Check your units balance on your meter and record. If you do not know how to check credit balance for your meter, Contact ZESCO or neighbour using similar meter.
  2. Enter all your un-entered tokens previously purchased before receipt of Key Change Tokens if any.
  3. Confirm that all tokens are entered by checking new credit balance on your meter.
  4. If any of your old tokens are not entered, DO NOT ENTER the Key Change Tokens until all old unentered tokens are entered on your meter.
  5. Enter the first Key Change Token the same way you enter credit tokens on your meter and wait for meter to process it. If token is rejected, ensure to check digits and re-enter correctly.
  6. Enter the second Key Change Token within at least 40 seconds of the first one being accepted. Enter this token the same way you enter credit tokens on your meter. If token is rejected, ensure to check the digits and re-enter correctly.
  7. Enter your credit token that came with the two Key Change Tokens. When this token is accepted it means the two Key Change Tokens were entered correctly. Rejection of this token suggests that you did not enter the two Key Change Tokens correctly and you need to re-enter the Key Change Tokens one after the other
  8. Confirm new credit balance on your meter.

The software update will be affected on all prepaid meters. However, if you have a prepaid meter with meter number starting with 46.. contact ZESCO to replace it. Further, if your prepaid meter is GREEN in color AND DOES NOT bear a manufacture date of 2014, contact ZESCO to replace meter

The two Key Change Tokens are valid until they are both successfully entered in your meter. If you make a mistake while entering one of the tokens, you can re-enter the token correctly. Ensure to enter the second token within 40 seconds of the first one being processed. If entry of second token is delayed, you will have to restart the entire process all over again(Start with entry of first token)

You can dial *3600#, chose option 3 to retrieve the Key Change Tokens

If you any face challenges updating your Prepaid Meter Software, contact ZESCO. When your area is targeted for meter software update, ZESCO technicians will be available in your area to promptly assist customers who may have challenges. The technicians will then move to another area when period assigned to your area elapses.

ZESCO Technicians will carry valid identification cards and use ZESCO branded vehicles. Customers may phone the ZESCO Call Centre for verification when in doubt

The new prepaid meters that ZESCO is currently procuring are coming with the software already updated. You will not need to worry about updating the software.

No, all old unused/unentered tokens must be recharged before Key Change tokens are entered. Any unused tokens will be rejected by meter after software update. Ensure all such tokens are recharged before meter software is updated.

The schedule is available on the ZESCO website www.zesco.co.zm and Facebook page.

Please contact ZESCO and your Key Change Tokens will be available the next time you buy electricity units.

Software update on your prepaid electricity meters will not affect the user’s electricity usage in any way as it does not affect the meter’s calibration. If a customer suspects that their meter may be faulty, they are encouraged to contact ZESCO.

No, your electricity units will not be affected by the update. Please ensure to check your meter credit balance before entry of Key Change Tokens so that you confirm the amount of credit. Your credit will only decrease if you have load connected and consuming energy from the ZESCO system. Customers are encouraged to contact the ZESCO Call Centre if they face any challenges.
Again: it must be noted that only when a specific area is reached as per schedule, will update codes be issued with the normal electricity token when a purchase is made.