TID Rollover Prepaid Meter Enrolment

Its time to update your Prepaid Meter Software. Ensure the software update is effected before 24 November 2024 or you will not be able to recharge when you run out of electricity units(kwh).

To enrol your prepaid Meter Number for software update, follow instructions Below:

  1. Enter your Prepaid Meter Number and click on Find
  2. Your Details will Populate
  3. Continue by selecting your Province, Town and Township
  4. Finally Submit your Details
Ensure to enter all old unused tokens before you enter the two key change tokens that will be delivered for software update. Once you receive the key change tokens, proceed to enter the first one followed by the second one. The second key change token must be entered at least within 40s of the first one being accepted. After successful entry of the two key change tokens, you will be in position to enter the third token that carries the credit value and delivered with the two key change tokens when you buy electricity units. Remember, successful entry of credit token(third token) confirms that your meter software has been updated. Rejection of this token suggest that you did not enter one or both key change tokens correctly and you are urged to restart the process.

Should you face any challenges get in contact with Zesco

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