Postpaid Service

ZESCO offers postpaid services to high demand customers who use power first and are billed on a monthly basis.

These customers normally have high demand for power. Examples of our high demand customers includes mining companies, commercial farmers and manufacturing companies.



Time of Use, also commonly known as ToU, is the separation of energy rates based on the actual time of the day, week or season the energy is being used or consumed

Time-of-Use is one of the dynamic tariffs designed with prices that vary by time periods lowering system costs for utilities and bring down customer bills by raising prices during peak period hours and lowering them during off peak hours.

Our TOU time periods are as follows:
  • 06:00 hours to 18:00 hours - Standard Time

  • 18:00 hours to 22:00 hours - Peak Time

  • 22:00 hours to 06:00 hours - Off-Peak Time

ZESCO postpaid customers have the following options to make their bill payments;


Customers can walk in and pay for their bills at any of our Customer Service Centres located countrywide..


ZESCO Smart Pay is an online payment solution that gives you the option of paying for your bill. The platform allows postpaid customers with a Stanbic Bank account to electronically settle ZESCO electricity and capital contribution bills using a smart phone or computer at the customers’ convenience for as long as they have internet connection. You can now view your organisation’s outstanding bills, pay online in realtime on Stanbic Smartpay and a receipt will be generated after payment for your records.

Power factor is a measure of how effective and efficient the electrical power delivered to the customer is used. You can get the power factor on your energy meter by consulting ZESCO or use the Power Factor Surcharge simulator.

If you have industrial equipment, you should engage an energy consultant/auditor to assist you optimize your installation through measurement. Any medium or large power users also known as Maximum Demand (MD) customers consuming above 100kVA will be assessed for surcharge bill. The approved ERB regulation limit of power factor is 0. 92 lagging.

If the power factor is below the regulation limit of 0. 92 lagging then, reactive power compensation is needed.

To improve efficiency of power usage, maximum demand customers must make the wise choice to install the Power Factor correction equipment.

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