Answer: No express service exists as all services are offered as equal opportunity for all applicants on a first come first served basis.
Answer: It takes fourteen (14) working days to process a quotation from date of submission of application forms to date of quotation generated and issued to customer.
Answer: ZESCO will make every effort to provide supply within the reasonable time stipulated as 90 days from date of payment.
Answer: All service charges are in accordance with ZESCO Conditions of supply agreement in which a customer is required to pay a refundable security deposit which is to be held as guarantee against the risk of default of customer bill payments. Upon termination of supply contract and complete settlement of bills outstanding, the security deposit will be refunded.
Answer: Submission of complete application forms with required attachments to any ZESCO customer service centre.
Answer: This is a non-refundable customer’s contribution towards the cost of connection to the ZESCO power supply grid. Capital contribution is non refundable
Answer: The payment of Capital Contribution does not in any way give proprietary interest or ownership of any equipment, cable or apparatus. Upon installation of supply, all these items become the property of the organisation and insurance and maintenance costs are borne by ZESCO Limited.
Answer: The Rural Electrification Authority’s (REA) mandate is to provide electricity infrastructure to all rural areas through the Rural Electrification Fund or private sector participation. Once the infrastructure is in place then the connection charges as charged by ZESCO will apply for customers who wish to have power supply connected for their various needs.