Powering the Nation and the Region

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While Zambia has potential to generate over 6000 MW, only slightly above 2000MW is Zambia’s installed generation capacity.

New Generation Projects – Potential Sites include the following;

Mpata Gorge – 540 MW
Devil’s Gorge – 500 MW
Batoka Gorge – 800 MW
Mumbotuta Falls - 300 MW
Mambilima Falls Site I – 202 MW
Mambilima Falls Site I – 124 MW
Kabwelume Falls - 62 MW
Kundabwika Falls – 101 MW
Mutinondo - 40 MW
Luchenene – 30 MW
Mkushi – 65 MW


1.ZESCO and EL Sewedy of Egypt jointly own:
- Zambia Electrometer Limited, a meter manufacturing company and
- El-Sewedy Electric Zambia Limited, a transformer manufacturing company (both companies located in Ndola)
2.Itezhi-Tezhi Power Corporation
3.Kariba North Bank Extension Power Corporation
5.Kafue Gorge Lower – KGL Development Company