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ZESCO Limited is a Zambian national power utility that is owned by the Government of the Republic of Zambia. Its mandate is to supply electricity and energy solutions within Zambia and the Sub Saharan region.

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    Pioneering innovative solutions to stay at the forefront of the evolving energy market.

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    Integrating renewable resources and efficient operations to power the future.

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Our trained professionals possess the essential expertise and knowledge, driving enhanced efficiency and a commitment to excellence.


We uphold fairness, accountability, and truthfulness in our actions. We conduct ourselves in an honest and ethical manner.

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At the heart of our business, we prioritize exceptional support, recognizing it as fundamental to success, fostering trust, and nurturing loyalty.

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ZESCO’s operations cut across the electricity value chain being generation, transmission, distribution, and supply. The Corporation owns and operates a number of hydropower stations with a combined power generating capacity of more than 2900 Megawatts.


The ZESCO Power Generation Directorate is responsible for overseeing and managing the generation of electricity within the organization. This crucial department focuses on the efficient production of power through various sources, such as hydroelectric.


ZESCO operates as a vertically integrated business with a Transmission, Operations & Trade (TOT) Directorate overseeing transmission assets and functioning as a system operator for the Interconnected Power System (IPS).


Distribution and Customer Services (D&CS) directorate is at the tail end of ZESCO’s vertically integrated value chain and spanning over 56,000kms countrywide. D&CS oversees the efficient distribution of power to various regions.

Planning & Projects

The Planning and Projects Directorate at ZESCO is tasked with spearheading the planning, development, and replacement of crucial infrastructure, ensuring that the necessary upgrades are strategically implemented for efficient operations.

Meet Our Corporate Leadership Team

The corporate leadership team, seasoned with diverse expertise, steers the company towards innovation and sustainable growth.

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ZESCO Limited Managing Director Eng. Victor Benjamin Mapani, today Thursday, 16 November 2023 shared,

with the media, some insights and performance highlights of the national power utility’s 10-year rolling strategic plan (2022-2031). The main highlights include reduction of the debt ZESCO owes Independent Power Producers (IPP) and subsidiary companies from US$1.7 billion to US$1.1 billion as at October 2023; advancement of the Chama-Lundazi Grid Connection project whose cost was reduced from US$69 million to below US$ 30 million with the same scope. Phase one of the project is expected to be commissioned by 13 December 2023. The Managing Director also provided a comprehensive update on the solar energy projects the company is pursuing with different partners. To achieve financial sustainability, Eng. Mapani reported a saving of up to USD$11.6 million in ICT contract optimization where most ICT contracts were converted to internal initiatives in pursuit of its digital transformation journey. Successful enforcement of the directive on responsible and efficient use of the transport resource and termination of high rental office buildings are some of the operational cost containment measures positively impacting ZESCO’ financial position.

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ZESCO Limited and First Quantum Minerals (FQM) have today, Monday 27, November 2023 signed a 10-year Power Supply Agreement (PSA) following the expiry,

on 4 November 2023, of the 20-year agreement entered between the two entities in 2003.The renewed agreement is in respect of the of FQM’s Trident (Sentinel) and Kansanshi Mines in Northwestern Province of Zambia. ZESCO Managing Director Eng. Victor Benjamin Mapani, has described the renewed partnership as a great milestone that marks a new chapter in the Corporation’s relationship with its valued mining customer which dates to 2003 when the two entities penned a 20-year Power Supply Agreement to service FQM’s Kansanshi Mine in Solwezi. “This partnership underscores our mutual commitment to develop Zambia’s economy in general and the mining sector in particular. This milestone is a culmination of several developments over some time and the coming to fruition of months of negotiations between the parties.” Eng. Mapani added that: “This relationship grew when the two entities entered into another agreement for the supply of power to Kalumbila mine. In the absence of a PSA the relationship was sustained based on commitments made in a Connection Agreement. With the foregoing, the relationship between ZESCO and FQM can safely be said to have thrived on goodwill and mutual trust. Hence, this agreement puts us into a better organized and sustainable business relationship that secures power supply to our customer.” The Managing Director said ZESCO was to support the mining sector considering the role the industry plays in driving the country’s economic growth. “ZESCO recognizes the crucial role that the mining sector plays in our economy, and as the engine that drives this sector, ZESCO is committed to providing the vital supply of electricity to support its growth. The synergy between the mining and energy sectors cannot be overstated; as without a reliable and affordable power supply, industrialization and development would not be possible,” he said. “The global mining industry will continue to rely on energy, and ZESCO stands ready to meet this demand and support the sustainable growth of the mining sector, contributing positively to the economic fabric of Zambia.” Meanwhile FQM Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Rudi Badenhorst has applauded ZESCO’s commitment to provide electricity powered from renewable sources. “We at FQM are particularly thrilled about ZESCO's commitment to certifying that the power supplied to us is from renewable sources. This alignment with our sustainability goals not only enhances our operations but also resonates with our ethos of environmental responsibility. It's a significant step towards reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to global environmental preservation efforts,” he said. Mr. Badenhorst added that: “ZESCO’s strategic vision, particularly its commitment to integrating Independent Power Producers into Zambia's grid, is commendable as well. We are especially thrilled to see Zambia's grid opening to regional Independent Power Producers. This not only enhances grid stability but also ensures that President Hichilema's ambition for Zambia to capitalize on the growth of minerals critical for green transitions is realized.” “Our plans to enter into an off-take arrangement with TOTAL for their 400MW hybrid solar/wind project align seamlessly with ZESCO's transformational strategy, showcasing an opportunity to enhance the country’s generation capability via private sector investment.”

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Phanwell Mondoma is an ex-convict who a few years ago almost lost his life while being pursued by the Zambia Police Service for vandalizing

ZESCO Limited property. Today, Mondoma is a reformed ex-convict who yearns to share his story with the rest of the world. “I was once involved in vandalism in Kafue with six of my friends. This was a deal gone bad because upon stealing ZESCO property we were confronted by the Zambia Police Service, an ordeal which ended with me getting shot in the chest whilst my friends run away. “I was fortunate to have survived and to serve five years suspended sentence. That experience was enough for me to change my life because I almost lost my life for nothing. Destroying ZESCO property is not good because when one steals electricity cables, power supply to markets, and communities is disturbed. I am happy to have been given this opportunity to speak to you because I have seen the bad side of vandalism,” Mondoma explained at the official Launch of the Youth Action Against Vandalism ZESCO Limited in collaboration with the National Arts Council has today Thursday, 9 November 2023 unveiled the Youth Action Against Vandalism (YAAV) initiative. The initiative seeks to tap into the ingenuity of young people to develop innovative community-based solutions to curb vandalism and theft of electrical installations. The partnership was birthed following consultative engagements by the two institutions under the stewardship of the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Arts. Speaking at the launch held at OYDC in Lusaka, Minister of Youth, Sport, and Arts, Hon. Elvis Nkandu said the theft and vandalism of public infrastructure especially those under the energy sector had far-reaching consequences for our growing economy. The Minister observed that the alignment of the arts sector with the youth to the fight against vandalism of public infrastructure was not merely a strategic choice but a profoundly insightful one. It is worth noting that, young people are a dynamic and influential force within the arts community, yet regrettably, some are involved in acts of vandalism of public infrastructure. therefore, it is my sincere hope that this campaign will leverage the collective expertise and skills within our ministry to significantly reduce youth participation in these destructive activities through community awareness and sensitization campaigns.” Hon. Nkandu said the partnership between ZESCO land the National Arts Council represented a monumental milestone, in an effort to transform the energy sector through provision of infrastructure and facilitate increased access to electricity by all Zambians which could only be achieved by protecting the already existing public infrastructure. ZESCO Limited Board Chairperson, Mr. Vickson Ncube challenged to take a stand against vandalism in support of the national power utility in which they had a stake as Zambians. It is incumbent upon the youth of this country as stakeholders whose interest in ZESCO goes beyond here and now, but into the future, to feel the pain of any malicious destruction to ZESCO infrastructure and to take a stand against the vice. The youth must of necessities be the epitome of the nation’s values, morals and principles.” Ncube said. The Board Chairperson stressed that vandalism threatened the Corporation’s ability to actualize its strategic intent to carryout effective maintenance and expansion of its power transmission and distribution systems. ZESCO’s strategic plan (2022-2031) is anchored on five main areas of focus, among which is ‘having an effective maintenance regime for generation, transmission and distribution systems. this pillar of the ZESCO strategic plan will lead to the upgrading of the transmission infrastructure, reduce transmission losses, promote trade and effectively contribute to the economic transformation of our country in this decade.” At the same occasion two memoranda were signed being, the Implementation of the YAAV Initiative between ZESCO Limited and the National Arts Council and the Operation Manual between the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry Youth, Sport, and Art. The two agreements are pertinent to the institutionalization of the initiative and its subsequent smooth and sustained operation. The YAAV initially be rolled in Lusaka, Central and Copperbelt Provinces and later extended to all parts of the country.

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